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Spic N Span? No its Downy Fresh!

6x12 to 10x10'

We made it to Tampa area by 3:30 pm Wednesday. Found a Quality Inn that would take all three of us, and waHoo! had a bar and restaurant inside the motel (its a conference center!) We drove into our initial choice Dunedin, but could not find well priced storage. As Kelly navigated the US19 north to our motel (its a conference center!) Susan followed writing down the names of storage companies. Thursday morning we worked the problem, confirmed a unit available, clean and dry, and unloaded the trailer and the inside of Kelly's truck:
Most everything traveled well, except that last minute laundry item...the Downey lost its lid and contents on a box, bag, floor, etc.
John Conte was correct...(don't worry, he doesn't read this stuff.) It only takes a few hours to unpack a trailer. We started at 10:30 and pulled out empty at 12 noon. Again, Kelly packed a good space!
We return the trailer to a Clearwater U haul location, passing about 50 other locations that were unknown to us.
And the guy says, "Wow, Spic N Span!"
No, that's Downy Fresh you smell!

So we began the apartment search. Starting at a location in Dunedin, directly across the street from the Blue Jays spring practice stadium. No room at the inn for 2-3 weeks. Visited a sister property under renovation, but too far away. So the search is going to take awhile and until then...we are homeless.

But we are homeless in Florida where the temperature has changed to a cool 40-60 degrees, and the fish is fresh, and the people are ...well...friendly.
We have been confirmed in our move by our amazingly safe and easy trip through 5 states, 4 bartenders with advice and their own stories, 3 hotel desk clerks that have appreciated Pancake, 2 wait staff encouraged by our patience, and 1 grocery clerk with the love and respect for people that awed us. The not so friendly people are the ones driving 0 to 60 on a 3 lane road with stop lights every mile. Oh, and they're texting while driving. Not so Downy Fresh in the car while driving, more like "OMG I soiled my underwear at that last stop light!"

Welcome to Florida--the Sunshine State!

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Pensacola up close and guided

Oh, it rains in Florida, too!

We had a short drive to Pensacola today and managed to do it before the rains caught up with us. Meeting up with Corey Walrod, who we met thru the Murphy's, for a late lunch, he then entertained us for the rest of the day. Perfect seafood lunch, then a stop at the local craft tap house, then some ice cream, and wandering around downtown Pensacola along with an extensive tour of the area including Gulf Breeze and the East Hill area. Terrific tour guide, extensive knowledge of Pensacola and all the Florida Gulf Coast. He was a tremendous help to helping us plan, something we've really not done much of on this drive. After driving us around all afternoon in the rain, he realized that we needed a nap. Meeting up again in the evening he treated us to dinner at 5 Sisters Blues Cafe: meatloaf, fried chicken, mac n cheese, and mashed taters 'n gravy. Yep we'll sleep well tonight!
A nice respite in the trip; and good info about a potential location: Pensacola...

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First Day on the Road

We lost an hour. Daylight Savings Time

Our Rig

Our Rig


We finally hit the road heading to Florida on Sunday, March IDK. Who knows what day it is. With clean clothes and room for the dog, we sacrificed an oscillating fan and black trash can. More downsizing. It was an amazing day of sunshine, blue skies and cool westerly winds--blowing us softly out of the state; shooing us thru Louisiana and crossing the mighty Mississippi like pros. The truck and trailer pulling strong and the Lincoln gliding along. We felt like pioneers of a different era and direction, and we were totally plugged in. Every eye in the sky knows where we are going. First night in Hattiesburg after 11 hours on the road. We can only go about 62 mph with the trailer. You see more. You should try it.

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After Packing--There's Laundry!

We Choose Kansas Laundromats!

Again Thanking those that helped us pack and move: Sean & Julie Murphy, John & Kelly Conte, David & Sue Simpson, and Mike & Kim Morris! Our first stop was to go north! Sounds counter productive for a Florida move--but very necessary to see family! So we met up with Kelly's family at brother Ken's house in Kechi, KS to wash our clothes...so we are staying in their large home looking out over an open pasture and grassland of deer, coyotes and wildlife. Would we, could we, should we stay here? When you ask the woulda, coulda, shoulda questions; you open so many doors....why not? Why Not? WHY NOT? So we simply did the laundry and spent some time with BJ, Ken & Sherry, sister Kim & nephew Cameron. Even though we got there after midnight Thursday, we got a great night's sleep. Fun time with the family and a great laundry, btw! Upon leaving on Sat morning we met Susan's brother Jim for a late breakfast. On the way back to TX we stopped in OKC to see son Eric and his girlfriend Kate. A quick neck hug and back to Big D, spending the night with Kim & Mike Morris. Wonderful home cooked dinner by Kim and another sigh of relief that we were done with the packing. Last respite before heading toward FL and one more shed of stuff (oscillating fan and black trash can didn't make the cut.) For all of this we are grateful. Of course, we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies when we took off on Sunday morning. More on that in the next installment.

Here's Mom & the sibs the day we returned to Dallas:

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SOLD! Contracted Leave Date 3/8/2017!

It Didn't Happen!

Our home has GREAT new owners! They were so kind they called (after touring the home over the weekend) and offered to let us stay an extra day (or more). They saw how much we needed to do, downsize, pack, trash, let-go, excoriate. They didn't want to deal with our left over stuff, so they gave us an extra day. Yay! MANY THANKS TO: Joshua and Jaime Vargas! (new owners) They love our house as much as we do! THANK you to Sean and Julie Murphy (and Callan)! They helped us move, tote, pack, and chill!. They are definitely chill partners. Stay the course and support--whatever...love them for that! And then they came a second day!?! THANK you to David and Sue Simpson! They helped us realize we were not as chill as we thought we were. And they came through with taking care of lots of getting things out of the house: old rugs, old desk, old liquor, old stuff. We're not saying they like old stuff--they just like "old" friends. And we love them--see you in Florida! THANK you to John and Kelly Conte! John for knowing what he can and cannot do: load that heavy shit--NO; take this group of stuff and make it go away--DONE! Kelly C. for accepting being told what to do, offering ideas when they were amenable, and still helping. Thank you Mike and Kim Morris for letting us store a U-Haul trailer in front of your house while we said our goodbyes in Kansas. WOW! We got it done! We are out of the house 16.5 hours after we were suppose to vacate. Oh and these last pictures: we are exhausted, but still smiling. Later in this blog we will talk about leaving "the house"--just not now.90_IMG_2153.jpg90_IMG_2209.jpg90_IMG_2207.jpg90_IMG_2177.jpg

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